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A letter from Pamela Sharrow

Hello Everyone, I hope this finds you all well. I know here at the Pre-Primary Center we are all saddend by the recent situation. If you asked the children what I say most it would be “safety first”, which is very appropriate right now. Usually the end of a school year is a process, with activities and conversations about what is coming next and many books about summer and next year’s class change. Instead, it was an abrupt halt to routine and for our GSRP children not even an opportunity for a four year old appropriate explanation of why we will be home for an extended time.

All of you, no doubt, have heard as of today no further decisions have been made on education. The Governor announced Tuesday that later this week she will have another press conference.

Meanwhile, I know our teachers are in contact with you giving you with learning ideas, websites, and activities for you to do with your child. Please see our website as well. Something important to remember is that pre-primary aged children learn the most by doing and direct interaction with you. Below are a few ideas:

  • Playing memory with homemade cards with upper and lowercase matching... but even adding the rule that if you find upper and lowercase match, you must make the sound of that letter before keeping the pair.
  • Google dice games with skills gained of number recognition, quantification and subitizing when using 2, adding and subtracting.
  • Playing cards are great for math. Count the symbols on each, put them in number order, add and subtract etc. I was once told by a professor, you can teach all math concepts with dice, playing cards and dominos.
  • Never underestimate the value of a walk playing I Spy.
  • There are so many free virtual field trips right now, watch one, do art associated or a “report”. For example, have you met Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo?

Let us know what you are doing! Post to your child’s teacher, Amy or myself.

Finally, if anyone is in need of anything please reach out to your child’s teacher, Amy or myself and we will do our best to help or find a resource. We are truly all in this together!

Wishing you all well as
Your Partner in Education,
Pamela Sharrow, Director
Pre-Primary Center at Carpenter Street School
Midland Public Schools
1407 W. Carpenter Street
Midland, MI 48640